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SleakOps relies on the best practices to automate all the repetitive tasks of your scalable applications. Run your apps on the Cloud without worrying about your DevOps support.

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Discover SleakOps

Easily Start

In just a few steps deploy and automate your safe-scaling infrastructure making your services responsive 24/7.

All in the Cloud

Set up your AWS account and SleakOps will generate your Infra in a correct and safe manner.

Security and Access Control

SleakOps relies on the best practices, experience, and knowledge of all our expert engineers.


You can monitor your infra to review status, resources, and services at any moment.

Manage Environment

With the management of the environments on your hands, your releases are going to be safe and your developers can deploy and test with all the freedom they need.

Expense Visibility

Check in real-time all the expenses generated by each resource in your AWS account.

Unlock the Potential

You can get your Infra running in the Cloud without losing control.



Powered By Craftech

SleakOps is part of Craftech, a company specializing in DevOps and Cloud Engineering. We are experts in infrastructure and we based our platform in our knowledge and expertise develop through our experiences in different projects.

Time Optimization in IT Teams

We help companies to reduce the time of work from months to minutes through automatization of all the repetitive work in the operations.

Standardized Process

Build all your infrastructure with the same standard to grow using the best practices and tools.

Lack of Resources

Today, finding expert resources to develop and manage infrastructure is a really hard job. One of our goals is to optimize and reduce the working time of the DevOps, to minimize this problem in each of our clients.


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Unleash the full potential of your app and manage your infra efficiently